Plick the Pick - Wish

Shape: Drop 26 x 30
Material: Celluloid
Thickness at tip: 0.7 mm.

A pick inspired by David Gilmour, it is designed for use as in “Wish you were here”, combining a comfortable grip, smoothness and a brilliant attack on the string.
Major angular rotation is cushioned by the depth of the pick, and the string glides smoothly towards the tip in full control. The release of the string is soft and warm. The “Wish” is great for a non-violent, in-control, feel-good stroke as Dave showed us in the tracks where he uses the acoustic


the Wish series

The Wish is a pick for those guitarists who go further and do more than just great strumming and rhythm work, approaches in which the electric and acoustic guitar take centre stage in pop rock.
Slightly harder than the picks normally designed for acoustics, in fact, the Wish is the pick of those who colour rhythms and chords with melodic and soloistic inflections; it traces melodies and caresses blues and pentatonic phrasings. It is a plectrum that, for example, helps electric guitarists achieve a more harmonious and natural transition when they have to harness acoustics. Not for nothing, the name Wish is a tribute to electric giant David Gilmour, whose most famous piece, Wish You Were Here, is however played on the acoustic.
The accentuated curvilinear profile facilitates the sliding of the plectrum: the attack of the notes remains warm, gentle and so there is always a more intimate approach to the plectrum. This aspect enhances the performance of arpeggios and melodies carved within the notes of the chords.