Plick the Pick - europe

Shape: Heart 30 x 31.5
Material: Celluloid, Nylon
Thickness at tip: 0.8 mm.

Carlos Santana, among the most inspired and melodic guitarists, usually uses large picks. This one, unlike the triangular picks that have no verso, has a solid and really comfortable high grip.
The plectrum’s sliding profile, with a rotation softened by its depth along the body of the plectrum, smoothly slides the string towards a tip designed to achieve a break that makes the harmonic load full and ringing.
The Europe is a plectrum for melodies full of sound and feeling


the europe series

Santana is known for the wonderful melodies he wrote on the guitar, for his expressive ability to literally make his guitar cry, laugh and speak. Europe pays homage to Santana with a pick designed specifically for playing great melodic parts: themes, solos, singing lines
The above-average size of this plectrum invites a wrap-around grip that conciliates the feeling, the fusion between the guitarist's hand and the plectrum, which here becomes an authentic extension of it. Rather than the quest for speed or articulation, this plectrum pursues purity and richness of sound: profile and tip are calibrated to sculpt notes laden with harmonics to allow dynamic and expressive nuances and exceptional sustain.
Devotees of bending, of vibrato single notes, of the perfect singing phrase, in short, all those who preach 'Few notes but with heart' will find their pick