Plick the Pick - AV

Shape: Drop 26 x 30
Material: Soft nylon
Thickness at tip: 0.9 mm.

Plectrum designed for the acoustic guitar. The AV is a directional plectrum with different picks for thumb and opposite finger, index finger or other, very solid and suitable for even intense strumming; also excellent for arpeggios and melodic parts. The material aids incisive but not violent picking.


the AV series

Among professional guitarists, especially session men active both live and in the recording studio, strumming is considered a performance approach that requires great experience and technical skills. Despite its only apparent ease, strumming on acoustic guitars acts as a glue between the drum beat and the song's harmony and drives the groove of songs. The AV pick is specifically designed to handle strumming with the utmost sensitivity and control: it allows you to play, even for a long time, with a firm and decisive grip. It is one of the picks that presents the most advanced level of research and innovation implemented by Plick The Plick and, the current model of AV, is the result of several prototypes and - above all - of a careful study that has led to the understanding of certain dynamics that intervene on the fingers while holding the plectrum; the main one is that the real helm of grip on the plectrum is the index finger!
The thumb, in fact, is the finger that dictates the sensitivity of the grip: it slides along the plectrum, generating different plectrum positions and different approaches to contact with the string.

But it is the index finger that is the decisive counterpart that provides the necessary support: it is the true pillar of grip on the plectrum, the pillar on which the work of the thumb rests. For this reason, the AV's peculiarity is an absolutely special grip: it is a 'directional' plectrum with one side reserved exclusively for the grip of the index finger (that of the 'Plick' inscription) and the other for the grip of the thumb (that of the 'AV' inscription).
The strength of the nylon it is made of means that wear and tear is limited even in the hands of rhythm guitarists who play with power and violent attack. The 0.9 mm thickness at the tip of the pick guarantees the obvious solidity and sonic impact that such a pick must offer.