Custom Picks-Dunlop Flex Standard

  • Production time: 5 working days
  • Material: Tortex
  • Brand: Dunlop
  • High resolution printing with highly resistant inks
  • Color : White
  • Thickness : 0.50 – 0.60 – 0.73 – 0.88 – 1.0 – 1.14


Over the years, Dunlop has firmly established its presence in the music industry, providing innovative and high-quality guitar accessories. Among these, two lines of guitar picks - Dunlop Tortex Picks and Dunlop Flex Picks - stand out, offering unique advantages to guitarists of various styles and genres.

Dunlop Tortex Picks emerged in the 1980s as a robust and environmentally friendly alternative to tortoiseshell picks. Made from Delrin, a unique form of Tortex, these picks are cherished for their superior durability, flexible handling, and bright tone. Available in a range of thicknesses and shapes, identified by different colors, Tortex Picks cater to an array of musical requirements, from soft acoustic strumming to hard electric shredding.

What sets the Tortex Picks apart is their matte finish, offering an excellent non-slip grip, and the ability to wear in over time, creating a personal connection between the guitarist and their instrument.

In a continuous effort to innovate and improve, Dunlop expanded its line of Tortex picks to include the Dunlop Tortex Flex Picks. Combining the sturdy resilience of Tortex with the pliability and smooth attack of nylon, the Flex Picks offer a unique playing experience. These picks are renowned for their ability to bounce back quickly and hold their shape, even after countless hours of playing.

The Flex Picks also come in a wide range of gauges, allowing for different levels of flexibility and attack. This variation ensures that every guitarist can find the pick that best suits their playing style and tone preferences.

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